Sunday, July 17, 2011

Intro to Agility - June 16th

Dexter's second to last Agility class was today, as usual he did very well. He never ceases to amaze me. It makes me wonder if Dexter is just a very easy dog work with or that I am actually a decent trainer. I guess we'll see when I get my next dog!

Back to today... in class we worked on front and rear crosses which I actually introduced to Dexter before. He has no problem with the front crosses and understood how to react when I crossed in front of him. He had more trouble with the rear cross because he couldn't see me the whole time, but he eventually got it. We also worked on more small sequences of obstacles using the front and rear crosses. The teeter was also raised up two notches today. He didn't seem to mind the extra height at all. That's my boy! Another new thing we did today was something called "pin wheels". It is where you set up four hurdles in a X shape and the handler stands in the middle sending the dog around in a circle over the hurdles. Dexter absolutely LOVED them. Haha. He thoroughly enjoyed being praised and literally applauded at just for jumping and running really fast, which are things he does naturally. It just cracks me up to see what Dexter gets a kick out of during agility.

There is no class next week because of an Agility Trial being held at the training facility but I am going attend and watch. It'll be a great experience seeing lots of seasoned trainers and dogs working together. Then the following Saturday will be Dexter's last day in Intro to Agility. Our trainer said we'll be holding a mini class "competition" to see who can do as many obstacles as possible before the dog or handler makes a mistake. Then it is onto Intermediate Agility! Good job Dexter, you never stop making me a proud mommy!

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